DAY: Friday

TIME: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

LOCATION: ACC Senior’s Lounge




CHAIRMAN: Marvin Hershorn, 514-481-1801

A writer’s workshop for members who write either poetry or prose is now a reality.

The idea is not to be critical but supportive, reinforcing and constructive. The philosophy of the group is to allow each member to improve, refine and develop their writing skills to their fullest capacity.

The discussions, the prose and poetry presented by the participants at our inaugural meeting was at a very sophisticated level. The interaction, the respectful exchange of ideas, the intellectual stimulation was rewarding. We plan to publish an anthology of our work. This will be another reflection of the important work our club does to make our retirement years meaningful and rewarding.

Participants are invited to print 10 copies of their work for distribution and respectful discussion.

TO REGISTER: Send an email to